Summer is Dead the Day it Begins



In Minneapolis Summer officially starts Tuesday June 20th, 2017 on the day the sun is at its northern most position.  In my mind summer begins with a Bob Weir guitar chord.  Today is the beginning of the summer Dead and Co. tour! I have now been to 4 Dead and Co. shows! I loved every single one! If you are reading this and have never been to a show in the Grateful Dead universe I have some suggestions for you to make the most of your experience!

  1. Get there early!  I know getting to shows early can be kind of a drag! Nobody wants to sit through a crappy opening band they didn’t pay to see. However, Dead and Co. never has an opening band problem solved! Many of the suggestions I have will not work if you are not there early.  Also, keep in mind some of my tips don’t work as well for indoor shows as they do at he outdoor settings!
  2. Meet new people! Dead Heads are mostly wonderful people! They come from all walks of life and a lot of them have seen and done some shit!! The majority of them will be very kind to you!  They will tell you stories about tours and trips of past.  These are unforgettable stories and the smiles on their faces as they tell them represent what is so special about the Grateful Dead.
  3. Don’t rush anything.  Seeing the Dead and Co. is about escaping life and finding some kind of bliss.  I would argue any show is, but Dead and Co. has this vibe on another level.  Much of that is because of the joy and sincere love their fans have for the music.  Note, I say music because the music is bigger than any one member of the band.
  4. Don’t drink the Gatorade.  If someone offers you Gatorade or another beverage that is not sealed don’t drink that shit.  I once had a younger Dead fan in full hippy garb basically maliciously ask me if I wanted some Gatorade.  I am fairly certain that shit was dosed.  If you want to trip out by all means embrace the Gatorade!
  5. Have fun and dance.  Dance like nobody is watching.  They aren’t because they are busy soaking up the vibes!!  This is not a time to be self conscious about your outfit or what people will think about you.  This show is about the music.  Once the music starts you should focus on one thing and one thing only. Soaking up the sounds and the energy!

I unfortunately will not be able to attend a Dead and Co. show this summer for the first time since this version of the band has formed! I hope all my friends who do will share many photos and bring back stories.  I will be sincerely jealous of all these individuals.  Please create unmatched memories! I need to find a way to live through them!



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