A letter to Bruno


Dear Mr. Mars,

You got that thing.  You got the stuff that makes people go crazy.  You make people want to throw caution to the wind and dance the way they do in their bathroom mirror dreams.  Everything you touch turns to gold.  You sing, You dance. You inspire.  You can make a simple song feel like a roller coaster. You are the perfect 21st century icon.  There is nothing more you need to do to impress us.  

I wish you would have understood that when you disrespected musicality at the Grammys.  You were called to tribute Prince.  You are a musical genius.  You must understand what Prince Rogers Nelson brought to this world.  Paying tribute to him is no easy task.  You brought the outfit. You brought the guitar.  You forgot the musicality.  Prince’s creative spirit is a larger concept than Prince himself.

“Let’s Go Crazy” is a fine Prince song.  I wish you would have mixed more of the man’s career into a medley to fully represent his creativity.  In addition, taking the solo on that song yourself was purely egotistical.  You’re a smart man and I know you in your heart know you played that solo subpar.  You knew full well you could play a sub par guitar solo and the general public would just eat it up and anoint you a colossal talent.  

I am here to say I see through the bullshit and leave the guitar playing to the guitar players.  Next time you have to honor a legend take into account what that musician stood for and worry less about your spectacle.  The general public bought your outfit and guitar scam before they heard a note.  I was listening and I’ll keep my cash on this one.  



Long Live the Groove.  R.I.P. Prince