Strat Saturday:



I love the Fender Stratocaster.  This took me a long time to realize.  Right now in my life I don’t know that I need another guitar.  Nothing else feels right to me anymore.  I have had Les Pauls, Telecasters, and all other assortments of guitars.  I just keep coming back to the damn boring vanilla Stratocaster.  When you dig deep into any guitar you’ll find there is nothing boring about any of them.  Not if you love the instrument.

At first site a Stratocaster is very simple.  they traditionally have 3 single coil pickups that most likely buzz to the distain of all guitar owners, 2 tone knobs, a volume knob, and an overly produced body shape style that we have all seen a million times.

Why do I love them? They are percussive in a way that no other guitar is.  The just sound right on a Strat.  For me the neck is familiar and comfortable now.  Go listen to one of the great Stratocaster players and you’ll hear why its great.  If you listen to Jimmy Page play a Les Paul you realize why they are great.  If you listen to Stevie play a Strat you’ll hear why they are great.